Why Are Some Aircon Units So Expensive?

You probably wonder why some air conditioners are so expensive. All they do, regardless of brand, is make our space more bearable in summer, right? Then how come some are better than others? Well, as Lee Johns from Aircon Scotland explains, there are numerous factors that affect the air conditioner price. Some of these factors are technical and are better left to professionals, but other factors are basic and knowing them could influence greatly the decision you make when out shopping for an air conditioner.

The most common determinant of air conditioner price is the Energy Star. This is a US government backed program that measures the efficiency of a product in terms of energy. An air conditioner with the Energy Star consumes less energy. This can influence the AC price since it has modified technology that will save your energy cost in the long run.

Still on energy, there is the SEER rating meaning Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It measures an air conditioners cooling efficiency relative to energy. Air conditioners with a higher SEER rating are more efficient than those with a low SEER rating and therefore tend to be more expensive.

The type of air conditioner will also determine the air conditioner price. Residential central air conditioners are for example more expensive as compared to window or portable air conditioners. This is due to, among other factors, the total area that can be efficiently air conditioned. Central air conditioners can cover a whole house through a network of ducts but the window air conditioner can only serve one room.

AC price will also be affected by the bel rating of the air conditioner. The bel rating measures the amount of noise produced by an air conditioner. Air conditioners with a lower bel rating tend to be more expensive than those with a lower rating. 

Labor input will also help you determine the air conditioner price. Air conditioners that require professional installation are priced higher than those which you can install on your own. Also air conditioners with warranties covering an extended period of time will come at a higher price.

The size of an air conditioner will determine its price because of the total cost of production. Bigger air conditioners are also capable of better performance in regard to coverage and you can tell judging from the size of the air conditioners you normally see planted on the roofs of warehouses, office complexes, shopping malls and multi storey buildings.

Other air conditioners like the water towers require special piping. If you do not have this kind of piping, then having them installed in the building will drive up your air conditioner price.

So next time don't scratch your head too much, go for the best in your budget range.