What Includes In Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

Most property managers have facilities maintenance checklists for the interior and exterior of the buildings such as the landscaping and parking lots.

On a regular basis, the things on these checklists are reviewed; repairs are mentioned and performed to maintain the house in pristine condition. You may read in detail about asphalt pavement maintenance by clicking this link.

In this report, we'll concentrate on the items on these checklists that refer to the upkeep of a facilities parking lot.

Asphalt Sealing

Sealcoating asphalt sidewalk protects the surface of a parking lot from oxidation and damage from gas, oil and salt. Additionally, it reduces the need for asphalt repairs by weatherizing the surface that will help prevent water from being able to seep into cracks. If not properly sealed, the sidewalk starts to unravel and potholes form.

After installation, asphalt should be sealed between six months and a year and approximately every 2 years later depending on weather conditions, traffic patterns, and wear and tear.

Crack Filling

Every Year, your parking lot should be scrutinized for asphalt cracks. Sealing cracks in asphalt prevents moisture from degrading the structural Elements of the surface.

For asphalt cracks which are smaller than a quarter of an inch broad, seal coat may be used. However, cracks that exceed these measurements will need your paving contractor to employ a crack sealer.