Types Of Marble Polishing

marble polishing cover image

Marble polishing is the process of restoring the shine to marble, the natural stone surface. 

Polishing with powders and compounds are used to quickly restore shine to the marble surface. These types of polishing materials have a wet glossy appearance. This tends to be the most common, cheapest, and easiest type of marble polishing

Grinding with abrasives is most commonly done with diamond pads with the increasingly finer grit to achieve the highly glossed appearance. This is a highly natural process, done without chemicals, and allows scratches and stains to be removed from the surface. 

Coatings or waxing, as the name suggests, involves the application of wax or other appropriate substance to the surface. This relatively low-cost method and can be completed by anyone, not just a specialist provider. This approach provides a bit of grip to the marble surface, thereby reducing the likelihood of slips occurring on the marble surface. 

Crystallization is another method that uses chemical sprays and floor pads to buff the marble. The chemical and buffing process restores marble to the high gloss finish, the results of which can last quite a long time. This method can be done by anyone and does not require specialist equipment. Similar to grinding, crystallization can remove scratches and stains as well as restore the shine in the marble. 

The four types of marble polishing each have different qualities and benefits. These should be considered before undertaking the marble polishing task or engaging a professional.