The Health Effects of Cannabis – Informed Opinions

Going to bars or public places by reading about marijuana reviews, everyone has a different opinion. Some opinions are well informed by reputable sources, while others are unfounded.

Obviously, given the long history of illegality, research and research-based conclusions are difficult. However, there are reasons to believe that marijuana is good and should be legalized.

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Many countries have embarked on a pathway to legalizing marijuana. Other countries are looking for or considering options.

This year the National Academy of Sciences published a 487-page report (NAP Report) on the latest findings on the subject.

Many government grants support the work of the committee, a collection of 16 distinguished professors. They were supported by 15 academic reviewers and around 700 relevant publications were reviewed.

The term hemp is loosely used here to represent cannabis and hemp, the latter being made from various parts of the plant. Marijuana contains more than 100 chemical compounds, each of which has different benefits or risks.


A person who is "stoned" for smoking marijuana can experience a state of euphoria when time is of the essence, music, and color are more important, and someone can win "butterflies" by eating sweet and fatty foods.

It is often associated with impaired motor skills and abilities. When a high concentration in the blood is reached, paranoid thoughts, hallucinations, and panic attacks can characterize his "journey".

Here appears a random selection of therapeutic effects related to their evidentiary status. Some of the effects are beneficial while others are risky. Some effects were indistinguishable from those in placebo studies.