Misconceptions about Indonesia You Should Know

Misconceptions about a country can arise due to lack of evidence or knowledge. It is important to know and learn before you visit a country for your next holiday vacation. Indonesia is one of the finest countries in the world that is always crowded with tourists. However, it is easy to fall for false impressions from a stranger or neighbour. These are some of the misconceptions about Indonesia you should know and makes sure you correct your information first before you travel.


  1. Indonesia is in Bali –One of the best destinations in the world that welcomes travellers with open arms is Bali. Many people believe that Indonesia is a part of Bali due to misinformation about the geography. However, Bali is a part of Indonesia’s 34 provinces.
  2. Indonesia is an Islamic Country – Majority of the population in Indonesia belong to the Muslim community. However, just because of this one reason, it cannot be as a Muslim country. In fact, Indonesia comprises of 6 different religions and follows proper state of the law.
  3. Indonesians Only Wear Conventional Clothes –This is another misconception where people believe that Indonesians wear conventional clothes. Due to the majority of the population belonging to the Muslim community, it is their right for a woman to cover their body from head to toe. However, this isn’t the case at all times. You can wear western clothes comprising of jeans, tops and skirts however, while visiting religious places, it is important to wear appropriate clothes.

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