Effective Ways to Stop Thumb Sucking In Infants

Here is a list of approaches that can be used to break the habit:

Do not Be Harsh: One of the biggest mistakes parents make is getting angry about the thumb sucking. As the behavior is prompted by anxiety, adding negative will only increase the level of stress for the baby.

Finding Your Own Way: Most babies eventually grow out of the habit without any intervention required. To know about the methods to stop thumb sucking in children, you can have a peek at this site.

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Disorders: Find out when your baby starts sucking their thumbs. This will help you identify triggers sucking his thumb, like watching television or being left alone in the room. You can distract your child to use words or actions when you are indoors.

Talk to Them: Use baby talk to help them understand that thumb sucking is not good for them. Although it may seem like a futile exercise, studies have shown that babies can understand words better than previously thought.

YouTube Video: Technology has helped parents with easy access to information. You can try the same with your baby by showing a video of the danger of sucking her thumb.

Compliments: A study conducted on infants showed that they are well-aware of the concept of praise. Be sure to make them feel good about not suck their thumbs every day.

Alternative: Because some of the dangers associated with thumb sucking, you can try alternatives such as a blanket or a cuddly teddy bear.