Know About New Solar Battery Technology

Solar energy is in a constant state of innovation with advances in the new technology of solar panels that are being announced almost every week. In the past year, existing milestones achieved

Solar energy storage of solar energy, solar technology, and design tools. For more information about solar energy technology visit

The main are two types of solar technologies such as photovoltaic (PV) and the other is short CSP as concentrated solar energy. The sun is captured by Solar PV technology to generate electricity and heat using solar CSP and used to generate thermal energy used to heat and power turbines. 

Here is a list of some new technologies of solar batteries:

Solar design:

There are many companies that have designed a big step forward with the concept of aesthetic improvement that allows solar panels for a custom view. A new product as solar skin has been created which allows for the equivalent of a roof without disturbing the appearance of the panel or manufacturing efficiency also.

Solar electric street:

Try paving solar energy has been done on American roads. The streets have the skills to produce clean energy, which also includes light-emitting diodes that light in the night lights and also has thermal energy that can melt snow during the winter.

For people who consider the system of solar cells as happy as for efficiency improvements, the capabilities of the equipment, improving storage to contribute to the production of more efficient energy for solar panels, and a lower cost to the system as well.