How To Install Metal Roofing In Three Easy Steps

If you are planning to replace your old roof with a new metal roof, it will be very economical if you do it yourself. Eventually, anyone can learn how to install a metal roof. 

All you have to do is learn the basics of tool-handling and pay attention to detail. To get more information about sheet metal roof, you can visit

Metal Roofing

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Now, to begin learning how to install metal roofing, we strongly recommend that you read through these very easy steps:

  • Get rid of the old material:- The initial task in how to install metal roofing is getting rid of the previous roofing, including all the nails. You can do this using a tool or shovel. Upon cleaning the roof surface, you will have to sweep the entire area with a brush to prepare for the next step.
  • Roll out the roofing felt:- Roofing felt needs to be laid out on the entire roof surface. Make sure each sheet overlaps the previous one by a couple of inches, and that you leave about three inches hanging over each edge.
  • Attach the metal sheets:- If you feel you are confident enough and really know how to install metal roofing, then get ready because this is the biggest and most exciting part of the construction – installing the metal sheets. First, you have to cut a length of metal roofing equal to the distance from the crown to the edge of the roof, adding a couple of inches for the overhang.