Road Protection In Seal Coating

Since we are facing digital and modern era, our mode of transportation is vastly affected. Most people are workaholic that is why they used cab, motorcycle and car because time is precious and gold, for them wasting it in a senseless way is absurd and ridiculous. That leads to damage and cracks and established seal coating in Greenville and to all parts of the world to protect highway from destruction.

Seal coating or pavement layering is a technique to protect roadway from desecration via external force such as water, oil, chemicals and temperature. When exposed to any harsh conditions like an acid rain and oil or chemical spills, it has a tendency to compress due to its molecular attraction as a responsive mechanism. The extreme cold and hot temperature, frictional and tensional force caused its molecule to expand.

The compression and expansion of its internal molecule is the primary reason of destruction and havoc. The only way to protect and maintain its durability is to apply highway sealers. The sealers have three types depending upon the use and function.

The common types are refined tar, asphalt, and petroleum based. The first type of sealers is based on a selectively refined product of coal which is a byproduct of steel. Refined tar is characterized by a dark, thick, volatile and flammable liquid distilled and extracted from wood, consisting of a mixture of tree sap, alcohols, hydrocarbons and other chemical compounds.

It is used mainly in roadmaking and coating. While asphalt based is a combination of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel that is used for surfacing road. It is also mixed with cement and different polymers to increase its durability and sturdy level.

Petroleum or oil based sealers is a mixture of fats, oils and lipids that penetrates and percolates through the surface which inhibits the road from cracking. Since fats have the ability to percolate surfaces due to its hypotonic property, the cracks and holes is slowly restrained. This type has its own distinct characteristics, uses, scope and limitation.

However, using those types has advantages and disadvantages. They protect the pavement from cracks and most importantly it lengthens the life span of the road. Unfortunately, it poses disadvantage because some contents of sealers are carcinogenic and can give more heat to the atmosphere resulting to have a cardio pulmonary diseases.

Making our highway presentable and free from accidents are good as it is important in our daily life while accidents due to road crevice and fissure can really make our time unproductive and wasted. The place we walk and where we ride is being supported by our heroic roads. The reasons why our Great creator helps us realize the importance and significance of road because we cannot basically and literally walk in the magma or core because of its intense temperature.

Let us not forget that road is like human, it also needs proper care and treatment to perform its function sumptuously. Sooner or later all the actions we did will really affect our future work or quest, if we have crooked roads it will really affect humanity in the near future. Do not do unto others what you want others do to you.