Signs Indicating It’s Time To Restore Your Roof

There is a difference between a roof repair and restoration. It is important to know the differences so you'll know which professional to ask for help to professional rooftop restoration contractors. 

roof restoration

Here are the major signs that you need a complete roof restoration for your home in Melbourne:

  • Check the age of the roof

It usually takes about two decades, so if your roof is longer than that, then it's time to go for restoration is not the only improvement.

If leaked all over, then you definitely need a new one!

  • Missing Shingles 

The roof valleys are the space where rain or snow falls through and into the gutters. If there are shingles that are damaged or missing in your roof valleys, a restoration is definitely in order.

If the shingles missing from it, then it is wise to go for recovery because there will be shingles missing from other places as well. It is especially important to check this after a storm.

  • Check gutters

Check your gutters to see if you find any granules of the shingles in them. If you do, you can be sure that your shingles are damaged.

When you see these signs and keep a lookout for them, you can also get started on the restoration right away, rather than ignoring the signs which will only lead to greater damage and more cost in the long run.