Importance Of Reiki Attunement For Health

Attunement is the process by which the Master opens the initiate's crown, heart and palm chakras along with their third eye and throat chakras to pass on the technique of Reiki to the initiate and forge a link between the everlasting Universal Energy and the recipient.

Reiki attunement is a very spiritual experience and responds to the voice of the Divine Spirit. You are attuning ourselves to the energy of the universe and let go of your intention for the universe to be a healer and a medium to channel the positive vibrations of Light and Love. You can also learn more about reiki benefits.

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An attunement makes a person more psychically sensitive and facilitates the channeling of greater amounts of Reiki energy.

After the Attunement all the natural centers of energy in the body star to vibrate at very high frequencies and open the recipient to a field of Higher Consciousness and sensitize the initiate to messages from Reiki spirit guides and angels during the process of Attunement.

An attunement is a lifelong gift that can never be lost or diminish; it is always contained in the heart and spirit of the recipient as a gift of love, life and laughter. And this gift keeps multiplying each and every time you channelize Reiki energy and spread Love and attune you with the Higher Powers.

Drinking water after the attunement is also said to act as a way of grounding and release any toxins from the physical body. Attunements can also be carried out in a remote manner.