FAA Requires Rules And Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration should reevaluate its rules and regulations and quit hurting aviation. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration, which they used to operate in and was in control of a massive airport has fully gone overboard. Now they're making rules for personal space flights. You should know the FAA rules & laws to fly drones online. 

It seems that the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration was becoming too big for its britches. In reality, not only do they want to control all of the space. They wish to control all space including the whole world and perform God. The FAA requires regulations and rules overhaul and the earlier the better.

We've got flights than ever before in the airlines along with much more air freight transportation. We've got fresh UAVs and other flying craft and now is the time to reevaluate the principles not make them larger. The blob of bureaucracy in the FAA is completely out of control and it's fairly obvious once you believe the Federal Aviation Administration was so fast to create rules to its privatization of all spacecraft.

As a pilot myself I can tell you that the federal aviation regulations and principles for general aviation are totally absurd and they believe that they own all of the air we breathe. It is time for a comprehensive overhaul of their FAA regulations and rules and it's time that we start over.