Understanding Towing Safety & Rules

Towing a Vehicle isn’t just a normal thing to do, it requires a lot of knowledge and driving skills. These things affect the process of towing. Things like fuel consumption, acceleration, braking ability, general control, and maneuverability all depend on Driver. So, he should be fully aware of all issues related to car towing. Here are some instructions which will help you understand some Safety & Rules. Kindly go through these following steps:

  1. When towing a vehicle on a road without any presence of street lights, maintain at least 60 meters away distance from vehicles because, without any street lights, there is no presence of light except for your vehicles. So, the chances of accident increases. So, make sure to follow this rule.
  2. The driver should avoid a sudden change in direction and lane.
  3. The use of accelerator, brakes, and steering should be gentle.
  4. Slow down the speed of the truck before turning or entering corners.
  5. Tow Truck should have all proper warning signs, working headlights, and blinkers.
  6. While reversing the truck, another person should be standing outside giving the driver proper instructions.
  7. Always use low-gear while driving downhill. This enables you to have more control over your vehicle and also will help to put less pressure on brakes.
  8. Only one trailer should be towed at a time.