Promotional Pens: You Don’t need A Million Dollar Marketing Budget

Are Promotional Pens Still the Best Marketing Tool?

Did you know that 85% of people who receive promotional pens from businesses go back and become clients? This is according to who also found out that 89% of consumers can remember the advertiser even two years after receiving the free promotion product. This might come as a shock to people who spend millions trying to establish TV ads and billboards in the city centre. While these high end marketing strategies also work, basic promotion items like the pens here work just as well and they are more affordable than billboards. In this article, you will a simple pen is still the perfect marketing tool even in this digital age.

photo of a promotional pen

Always in Demand

It is fairly obvious that pens will never lose their value despite the digital revolution. Most companies still require documents that are signed with a pen. And who doesn’t like to write down their thoughts with a pen? We have come a long way in other areas but nothing can replace the power of a pen. This has been proven by the fact that 1.6 billion pens are discarded every year in Australia and replaced them with new ones. What this means is that people will always want pens especially free, well designed pens that give them

good feelings when they are writing.

Continuous Advertising

Successful marketing lies in the power of suggestion. That is why they keep shoving TV ads on your face when you are watching news. Similarly, branded pen with your logo are a constant reminder to the user about your company. Though they might not even notice it happening, the subconscious mind registers your brand every time the person picks up that pen. The next time they want goods or services that you provide, they will automatically contact you without realizing why they did it.

They Get Passed Around

The interesting thing about pens is that they never stay in one place. If you give promotional pens to a doctor today, you will find them being used by the children of their employees in school. Pens have a way of getting around and continuously advertising your brand to as many people as possible.

image of promotional pens in a doctors pocket

They Can’t Be Rejected

There are many marketing tools being used today that have zero impact on the consumer. Things like flyers and brochures get thrown in the trash the moment you leave there. People can also change their TV channel if they don’t like your advert. However, nobody will reject free promotional items like t-shirts and pens. They will graciously take them home and start using them immediately and this continuous use is what registers in their subconscious mind.

Many Design Options

Unlike other promotional materials, there are many design options when it comes to branded pens. You can decide to have high end pens if you want your clients to associate your brand with quality. You can also have different shapes, eco-friendly pens, multi-colored pens and even metal pens that will be cherished by the users.The mind of people is a beautiful thing that can be influenced easily. If the clients can associate your promotional pens with feeling good and getting their work done beautifully, they are bound to have good vibes about your brand. No one said that marketing had to cost an arm and a leg while free Bic pens will have the same effect.