Cleaning Fluid Stain On Your Carpet

Having spill marks on your beautiful carpet is a horror dream, especially if it took you three hours to complete the carpet cleaning. Liquids such as tea, juice, coffee and alcohol are among the few offenders who threaten the dignity of carpet washing. You can hire carpet cleaners in Dallas for several types of home spa services. 

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How to clean various liquid stains on your carpet


Juice stains are normal when children are at home. The best way to clean a stain is to first remove the stain. Brush the stain with warm water, then wash it off.

If the stain is still there, try a warm water rug shampoo solution. Spray the solution and keep soaking until the stain is gone.


Alcohol can leave uncomfortable stains if not treated immediately. Mix a little mild soap, such as dish soap and warm water. Colour with a solution. Mix one cup white vinegar and two cups warm water.

Spray the stain with a mixture of two alcohols and continue absorbing. This solution takes care of the smell. Soak a third time in cold water. Continue wiping with a clean cloth and let it dry.