SharePoint Offers Enterprise Level Info Sharing Platform

The rich platform of SharePoint helps in the construction of web applications that are 'multi-tiered'.

There are three characteristics that define this development platform- reliability which means its ability for consistent performance, extensibility which enables consolidation with other applications as well as systems and scalability which enables the proper handling of growing work amount. 

For web application development several frameworks, tools, languages as well as object versions may be used. You can navigate various online sources and find more about SharePoint intranet


The system of SharePoint Server is equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Communities- Collaborating via blogs, wikis, etc..
  • Sites- Websites both outside as well as within the firewall.
  • Search- The technology, as well as products, include search engines that may be customized according to your requirements.
  • Content- Internet content management, publishing along with enterprise content management programs.
  • Composite software – Contains infrastructure, procedures, user interface in addition to data accessibility.
  • Insights- Business intellect.

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Role in an Application development plan

While thinking about the role, three basic strategies are there- enterprise portal, application, and intranet along with the application.

One of these SharePoint viewed as the application is the easiest approach. Inside this, installation of SharePoint is as it is.

The right software for SharePoint

To use SharePoint for the program development stage, you need to attempt to ascertain when SharePoint may be used and when it cannot be used.

Every issue can be solved by this platform but it may increase complexities in maintenance along with software development and price as well.