NopCommerce Software – Ideal For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce business is a booming market and now there is an array of open-source alternatives to pick from for someone who is looking to construct their e-commerce site.

I've had my experimentations with various open-source platforms but none have caught my attention up to the nopCommerce program. To hire nopcommerce developer visit

This program through fresh has managed to create plenty of buzzes in the marketplace and a brief period has jumped in the popularity charts. In this guide, we explore the numerous nopCommerce characteristics that have helped it to stick out from the crowd.

Unlike most other open-source programs that were coded in PHP or Perl, nopCommerce is composed only on Microsoft's proprietary ASP.NET 4.0. The developers also have provided for an MS SQL 2005 backend database and it is the coupling of both of these attributes that have made the platform so very strong.

Because of this, the program can deliver a catalog frontend and simultaneously allows complete management on the backend thus providing the consumer with everything he wants to quickly install a fully operational storefront.

Still another highlight of nopCommerce applications is its simplicity of usage.

Just about anyone with basic computing and administrative abilities can install, setup, and take care of the software. NopCommerce customization is also very simple to use and the features provided can enable you to install as many categories and subcategories of things which you wish for.

Other characteristics of the software which are worth noting are its one-page checkout process (which assures a lowering bounce rate), anonymous checkout process which will help keep user privacy, live chat integration, SSL chat, notifications via SMS, multicurrency care, billing, and transmitting detailed in a configurable list of nations.