About Business Marketing Strategy

Term business marketing strategy might sound like it is esoteric or stratospheric, so let us take the mystery out of it so you can devise and implement your own business marketing strategy that fits your small business plan.

The strategy comes from the Greek word "stratagem" which means "to become a general". Think of the strategy as a whole plan of action needed to win the war. If you want to know more about CRM marketing strategy development then you can search various online sources.

The smaller, detailed actions are called tactics. You can have tactical plans which help you achieve your strategic marketing plan or overall business marketing strategy. It's simple enough, is not it?

A business marketing strategy or strategic marketing plan is an overall plan of marketing actions you intend to take in order to achieve specific goals for your company.

Start with a goal: $ 2 million in sales this year; expand into new premises by a certain date; double the size of the company in 2 years … whatever the purpose may be. Something realistic but challenging. That "war" you want to win. Guess who the general is.

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Then work out, the overall plan simple steps required major marketing to achieve that (for example):

1. Publish a newsletter for all existing customers and mail out quarterly.

2. Work out 4 special offers in the year and promote them to all our customers.

3.Set up online shopping and expand the web site.

4.Direct mail campaign promoting the web site for all customers.

5. Get mailing lists of (target markets) and do a series of three letters and postcards to them, follow up and close all leads.