What Are Marble Granite Countertops Made Of?

This worktop material has a special sheen and delicacy that makes some people mistake it for marble. When choosing this material, you can choose from many available colors ranging from black to gray to pink. Each piece is unique because nature is the creator of your table. You can be sure that no other buyer will find the same table as you.

Granite is a rock made of volcanic lava that hardens due to strong pressure. They have mined from all over the world, in exotic locations like Brazil and countries in South Africa. This large plate underwent a rigorous degradation process because it never exploded.

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 marble kitchen countertops

In fact, the reason full-size marble granite countertops are so expensive is that workers struggle to get them from the source. However, once you know how to estimate the value of a long slice of marble granite for your countertop instead of individual tiles, you will feel worth buying.

It won't be easy to scratch or break the granite marble countertop. It may take a heavy object, such as a hammer, to accidentally hit the surface and chip on the table. Of course, if you've ever had chips, you can easily cover them with granite powder and glue.

They have become the favorite material of designers and wealthy homeowners because they don't last much longer than other kitchen countertops. They also radiate elegance and warmth to any room.