How To Lower Your Ping In LoL

When playing online games, one thing that matters a lot to gamers is the speed of the connection. However, there is another thing that sometimes goes unnoticed by many gamers and that is ping. A high ping can cause major problems when gaming. In this article, we are going to explain what we can do to lower your LoL ping. This article is mainly focused on League of Legends but you can apply these fixes for any game.

One of the main reasons that you have high latency is weak Wi-Fi coverage. You may be far from the router, there are interferences with other devices or that your receiver has problems. So next time, before playing League of Legends it’s better to double-check your Wi-Fi coverage.  

To lower your LoL ping, you can join a server in a different region. But how to select a low ping server? Well, that’s when Ping Test Live comes. It allows you to perform ping requests to all of the available League of Legends servers and compare the results. It is a web-based tool that requires no installation and you can run it even on your mobile phone.

Having other devices connected to that network can also cause you to have a higher LoL ping. Especially if these devices are using your internet connection intensively. For example, streaming in HD and uploading files to a server are considered intensive tasks. This could cause ping to be inadequate and cause problems when playing online games like League of Legends.

If you have programs that use the internet in the background this can also affect your latency. And therefore, it is worth identifying which programs are consuming the internet intensively when we need the ping to be as low as possible. If some programs are consuming your internet unusually, you can force close them using your task manager. Once these types of programs are closed your ping will reduce immediately and lagging issues will go away.

Finally, if you see that your latency is higher than normal and you see that everything is correct, it could be due to a problem with your router. If the router is working properly, then you may have to contact your internet service provider. Once informed, they will check your internet connection and fix if there are any issues present.