Architecture Visualisation With Unreal Vs Vray In Boston

In case you have learned about Koola and his design visualization video with Unreal back in 2014, you'd know how photorealism could be achieved with a game engine such as Unreal.

The workflow of using a game engine is somewhat different from the conventional Vray. Below I've listed a couple of big differences between using Vray and Unreal for architectural visualization. To know about boston landscape design you can search the websites of architectural design online.

Although Unreal can attain quality like Vray, there are only a few benefits of using Vray which prevent people from jumping in the Game Engine bandwagon straight away.

When you haven't seen his movie, you can check them out on youtube, simply search for Unreal. His movies have sent a shockwave into the community. Since then many individuals have begun to get their hands on Unreal.



Easy workflow, version, texture, lighting, and leave all in 3ds Max (or other 3d applications ). Because 3ds Max has an extensive background in the architectural visualization field. There are a lot of scripts and support forums that help artists to record their final render. You have more control throughout the post-production procedure using Photoshop or Aftereffects.


Modeling and texturing in 3ds Max, though the models will need to be optimized for the match engine. We can not have half a billion polygon sofa. Baking normal maps from high-resolution versions to the low-resolution versions are typical. Wall and ceiling structures must model with baking lightmaps in your mind.