Advanced Guide: Will Planning Act

Apart from the problem of land supply, what other challenges are associated with the concept of Core Strategy? The other challenge relates to land and house prices. It may seem like a ridiculous situation today to be worried about the price of land, but planning is about thinking for the future. Finally, the property market will recover (markets always recover).

If the only land available for new housing is concentrated in the hands of one of a small number of landowners, the land prices will rise accordingly. If you are looking for Will writing then you can browse various online sources.

Whether you're selling acres of land for € 400,000, if you know that by sitting on it which will double the value because you hold the only land that can be developed in the city? The knock-on effect on house prices induced scarcity like this is easy to understand.

The advanced level of acceptable over-zoning in the Department of the Heritage, Environment, and Local Government guidelines (DOEHLG) is one way to overcome this problem, but I do not think it was enough. We must look at the various methods used by other countries to address these challenges.

The third challenge is to ensure that the plans and match market realities. In other words, make sure that the planners listening to the market and respond accordingly. For example: if you live in three-bed semi-finals in Swords and wanted to move upscale to the detached house four or five new beds in close, then you may find it difficult to find a newly built house of that type.