How does Automated On-Boarding Strategy help To Reduce Paper Work?

Companies managed to reduce orientation time by up to 95% with no added value. New employees no longer spend 3-4 hours in the conference room, but about 30 minutes (still required human touch). 

Since the latest onboarding software solutions are web-based, new employees can view information from the comfort of their homes. If they are a little behind on some of the required tasks, the system will send them a reminder that the task is almost complete. Hiring and HR managers also receive reminders when they fall behind on assigned assignments.

The local portal for each of our global facilities is located on the on-board solution, which allows new employees to understand almost everything they need for their new job (e.g. cafeteria services, lobby time, information on local dining rooms, contact information for HR, detailed information about services, etc.). 

It also removes 95% of the paper forms we usually give you for new rentals when they come in. The form is now available electronically for new lease agreements, which not only saves a few trees but also allows new tenants to review the information needed to fill out some forms. 

Our US locations no longer need to fax job information to our payroll, as they can now access the information via the system. Our in-flight electronic systems are also used for post rental activities. 

Required e-learning, information on online paychecks, new recruitment surveys, and a questionnaire on recruitment quality are automatically initiated and tracked within the first 120 working days.