Overview On Hydration Backpacks For Hiking

Hydration is very important during hiking, especially when you do long hiking you should really carry and drink lots of water, even when you don't feel the need.

It doesn't matter what type of hike you are going to, what kind of distance or terrain: water is basic. Hydration bags are an underestimated resource until you buy one and understand how important and comfortable they are.

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3F UL Gear Backpack Review

The hydration package contains a plastic bag with a drinking tube making it possible to drink endlessly and without having to take off the backpack.

Your body absorbs cold water faster than warm water; it's important to keep the water cool and you can do it easily following these basic rules:

Re-blow the water in the drinking tube or it will become warm the next time you drink.

Fill half a bag of water the night before your hike and put it in the freezer; Fill the bag up in the morning. This method works perfectly: large blocks of ice will melt slower than ice cubes and will give you cooler water for a longer time.

When you buy a hydration backpack, you should consider buying one that can carry enough water and have extra bags for food and equipment. You won't be able to put a lot of equipment in your hydration pack bag but a few sticks, food and useful little things like a flashlight or a pocket knife.