Guide To Trimming And Pruning Fruit Trees

To bear fruit trees abundantly and stay healthy, they will need to be pruned periodically. Apple trees need to be pruned somewhat harder.

They should  be reduced by about a third every winter, because the harder they're pruned back the harder they'll grow back. More information about Fw fruit buds  is also available at feedworks .

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Apple trees either bear fruit on their tips or onto their spurs, which are compressed fruit or shoots buds that grow on direct branches or lateral branches.

You need to prune a spur bearing apple tree, cut it back by half every year. The lateral branches should be cut back to three or four buds which will encourage the spurs to develop.

The tree should have at least six powerful branches growing on its principal trunk. The laterals grow from these branches. After the third year, the entire lateral ought to be cut out to ensure a new one is going to take its place.

Plums may be trained to be open trees or pyramids or could be grown on espaliers. Once a plum tree is established, it will not need much pruning except to make sure that the limbs and branches don't crowd each other.

One rule about pruning any tree is the cuts should not be made too near the bud, lest the bud is damaged. The cut should also not be made in between buds. The cut should be in an angle so that rain could slide off of the limb.