Lost in a Gym? Talk to a Fitness Trainer in Dubai

You decided to get fit, joined a gym, and then what? There are the lines of equipment, and a roomful of free-weights in the gym and you have no idea from where you can start. You tried this, you tried that, but can't figure out what to do with them.

Even you are working out for a while, you may be wondering what you are doing wrong or why the fat from the belly does not go away. Whoever you are, a novice or a seasoned workout buff, fitness trainers of the gym, who is there to help gym members, can be a great help for your overall workout.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer ACTIVE

A fitness trainer can help you to set realistic goals based on your fitness level and preference. For a beginner, start using all these exercise equipment is big deal; there are so many buttons and so many settings to choose from!

A trainer can tell you what to choose and how to set up for your level so that the machine is set to the most effective for your goal. Once get on one of these cardio machines, she will set your pace to what your body can take, and gradually increase the level to reach your fitness goal.

If you like to tone up your body, she can teach you the correct technique and form to use weight machines and/or free weights. She can tell you which weight is suited for your level.

Some people think if they use the heaviest weight they can pick up, they will see the results. Well, it is not true for most of us. Most likely you will be extremely sore, or in the worst case, you get injured and quit workout totally. A fitness trainer knows your limit and gives you the most appropriate weights.