Dress Up Ideas For Halloween Using Tutus and Fairy Wings

Do you have a difficult time trying to figure out what to have children or princess dress up in Halloween? You probably not the only one. It is difficult to decide a perfect, simple Halloween costume for your daughter. There are a few things really easy that you can do to really not a lot of money.

Here are some great suggestions on what to do with the basic ballet tutu and a set of fairy wings.

1. Lady Bug Costume: Get the black and red combination of tutus and butterfly wings and make a ladybug costume. Add some puffball to tutu for points for ladybug. Put some black makeup on the face. You can make a very simple headband plastic headband, some wire, and some ball sucking end. You can buy costume wings from Pixie Sparkles Shop.

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2. Make a simple fairy costume: To do this, choose pastel colors tutu. Get some pixie wings in a color that will coordinate well with pastel tutu. Then all you need is some fairy dust (glitter) and to create enough stick.

3. Bumblebee costume: This one is really easy too. Just like making a costume ladybug. Get a black tutu, add a few strips of yellow tape down. Get some black butterfly wings, and make a simple headband as you do for a ladybug. You just cannot beat it and it would be super cute.

You really can take ideas for babies, infants, toddlers, or young girls. Butterfly wings are a great addition to any tutu costume to make easy, affordable, and simple for a girl.