N95 Particulate Filtering Face Piece Respirators

The recent crisis of Swine flu that barged in on us led many people to search for protective measures that can prevent them from airborne particles and hence elude from the disease. Then a buzz about the word for surgical N95 mask as a 3M respirator which was cleared by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a surgical mask and certified by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) having a capacity to filter up to 95% of the airborne particles was there.

A device protects the wearer from inhaling harmful fumes, gases, vapors, and dust called a respirator mask. By broadly classified into two categories as air-purifying respirators, which pass contaminated air through the filtration material and air supply respirators, which have an alternative supply of fresh air into it.

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Disposable 3 Ply Masks

The simplest and one mask is known as an N95 respirator use mask. Supply Direct Line is the safety equipment and maintenance supply division of NCH Corporation. Customers can find a wide range of safety supplies products that protect employees from head to toe. Sources of hard hats, hearing protection, and safety glasses from reputable manufacturers are stylish, comfortable, and compliant.

They are so-called because they have the capacity to maintain 95% of airborne particles from being inhaled. 3M respirators are among the popular as well as developed by one of the oldest manufacturers of respirator masks. Be very specific about what mask N95, N95 term is defined by NIOSH under approval respiratory protection regulations (42 CFR 84: section 84 title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations) to refer to the class filter.

There are in all nine classes filtering respirator masks at this time and 95% is the minimum level of filtration approved by NIOSH; namely N95, N99, N100 (Notwithstanding Oil); R95, R99, R100 (Somewhat resistant to Oil); P95, P99, P100 (Highly resistant to oil).