Places In World With Strict Laws Against Drunk Driving

Each year, thousands of individuals succumb to mishaps on streets as a result of drunk driving. It's a significant public health issue worldwide and the United States is no exception.

Though some countries have strict laws to test driving under the influence (DUI) and injuries associated with it, certain countries have completely lax laws to stop it, letting the rouge drivers a free run. Many companies like ever home healthcare are providing driver rehabilitation program these days.

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Individuals who make a nuisance in these states by getting behind the wheel in inebriated conditions cause considerable damage to property and lives.

Therefore, fitting DUI laws are important to curb the loss of lives and properties and to guarantee safety for all. Here we have a continent-wise look at states and areas with strict DUI laws:

Asia: The area has the strictest laws in regards to drinking and driving. In actuality, in countries such as Pakistan, drinking per se is a huge crime, let alone driving a car after drinking. Anyone found drinking could be put behind bars in this country

Europe: Consumption of alcohol in Europe is rather large as compared to the majority of the continents. Here, social drinking is largely a socially accepted norm. However, the DUI laws are rather lax in Europe and criminals don't evoke the harshest of punishments for driving under the influence.

Central America: The drinking and driving laws in this area are something to frighten about. El Salvador has the most dreaded DUI laws in which an offender is put before the firing squad. So, someone has to be mad to try antics of driving a car under the influence of alcohol.