How Motor Oil Works?

Motor oil is liquefied oil that we use mainly in internal combustion motors. Motor oil is utilized chiefly for lubrication, however, there are a number of advantages to utilizing engine oil in your automobile.

Motor oil lubricates each moving part of the motor. It makes a coating that functions as a protective film. This movie reduces friction and basically keeps metal moving components from coming in contact with one another. You can lucas fuel treatment and engine lubricants via Lambert Oil.


Motor oil also cleans your engine. When gasoline and air come in contact with each other through the combustion process, it creates contaminants.

Detergents and other additives are mixed into motor oil to clean contaminated particles off of your engine. The detergents suspend the contaminants in the motor oil and hold them there until you change your oil. You should change your oil every three months or every three thousand miles, whichever comes first.

Contrary to popular belief, using more expensive synthetic motor oil does not reduce the number of contaminants your car produces. Synthetics are only marginally better at suspending contaminated particles and you should still change your oil at the same time as you would using standard motor oils.

Remember that oil performs critical functions in your engine and clean oil performs much better than dirty oil.