Church Attendance Encourages toward Faithful Worship

Everything starts with a simple invitation to attend church services. It starts with beautiful and solemn hymns that provide inspiration and relaxation for participants. When we are going to the church then we feel the love of God and experience Jesus in an entirely new and exciting way. Then appreciates the warm welcome from other members then finds friendship.

Sunday after week, we get more knowledge about God and about life. Everyday church attendees have benefits over non-attendees. Because the church is a society of people of the same trust and somehow life viewpoints, church members reap the benefit of being a part of the family of God.

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The Church's presence basically has three effects on one's personality: health benefits, personal and social development, and spiritual development.

Many studies and surveys have proven that religious affiliation has beneficial effects on human health. Such effects can be explained as a matter of a chain reaction of someone who has learned the basics of faith and prayer. Religion teaches people the basics of healthy relationships with God and with others. To build a healthy relationship with God, prayer, as a means of communication with God, is very important. When someone prays, he can show his feelings, pain, worries and needs to God, which ultimately releases stress and emotional anxiety. This, in turn, results in the relaxation of the mind and body.

Because church visitors have the same spiritual beliefs, they develop certain bonds in the community that reduce the possibility of being depressed.