How to Eliminate Annoying Birds

Why eliminate birds in any respect?

Pigeons and other birds are causing extensive damage to buildings. Bird droppings are the perfect breeding ground for a variety of molds and can dissolve even calcareous stone. When water freezes in these fine voids it causes frost shattering damage.

How bird droppings remover works?

Pigeon droppings, due to its exposure to bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Exposure over the air, on the skin or, can result in infections or parasitic infestations in humans. The elimination of pigeon droppings and disinfection should therefore only be carried out by a professional.

How to Eliminate Annoying Birds

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Some methods to Eliminate birds

Spikes which are made either from stainless steel or plastic. There are different versions for various birds and applications.

Bird Control Solutions for Pools

Pools are particularly attractive to birds in warmer areas for water intake or bathing. Not only does the pool water get dirty but the swimming pool borders tend to be heavily marked. Some options for that problem are canopies, slat blinds and covers, floating movies and security nets that also protect your pool from other wildlife.

What can I do about protected birds?

If the birds are under special protection, they might not be fought directly. Therefore preventative measures should be taken to avoid colonization.

Things to do after we get rid of birds?

After you eliminate the birds you need to perform disinfection with thermal and chemical ways to prevent the colonization of undesirable or even disease-causing microorganisms, parasites, and bacteria. The disinfection should only be carried out by licensed contractors.