The Brooks B17 Saddle Can Add Style And Comfort To Your Bicycle

If you're an avid cyclist who enjoys a comfortable saddle, chances are you've heard of the Brooks B17. The Brooks B17 saddle has been around for over 100 years and has a stellar reputation as one of the most comfortable seats ever made for a bicycle. The price tag for this bike seat is not particularly cheap however. Matt from TailHappyTV found a good discount on his Brooks B17 saddle, it was just one hundred bucks on Amazon, but if you look on the Brooks England website you will find that this leather bike saddle sells for $150 or more.

There's really no question about it, a Brooks saddle adds a classic traditional touch to just about any bike. The one exception to this rule would be as if you have a “time trial Todd” style bike. You can't just slap a traditional leather saddle on a speedster bike like that without looking like a fool. If you've been thinking about swapping out your current bicycle saddle for something that's more comfortable or stylish you can check out the TailHappyTV Brooks B17 review on YouTube and see if this is the kind of bike saddle for you. If it's not what you're looking for, at least you'll save over $100!