Blue Light Therapy and Its Effects

Today, acne is a very common skin problem mostly faced by the people between the age group of 12 and 24 years. Acne occurs when the oil produced by the skin glands entraps in the pores and hence bacteria traps in the pores which harm the skin.

There are many acne treatments depending on skin type. Talking about the most successful treatment, light therapies are the long term solutions to this problem suitable for all the skin types. The most commonly used treatment therapy is the blue light acne therapy. To get to know this more in details, you can visit this website:

The main devices used for the blue light acne therapy are:

  • Elvis MD Platinum Blue
  • Omnilux clear-U (emits both blue and red light)
  • Baby Quasar – Baby Blue
  • Skin Care Professionals Alert System (emits both blue and red light)
  • ANSR Acne Light Therapy System (emits both blue and red light)


Blue light therapy kills the bacteria called Propionibacterium P.Acne or acne. By using blue light, the bacteria are removed from the roots thereby stopping any further increase of acne bacteria.

The dermatologists recommend the blue light therapy treatment for acne problems because it is a natural treatment and does not cause damage to the skin. The acne wounds and the glands producing these wounds are killed by the blue light treatment.

The main advantage of blue light treatment is that it does not include the type of severe side effects. It does not harm the skin tissue at all. The dermatologists recommend the use of branded products for the treatment of acne.