Blocked Drains – How The Professionals Do It

Blocked drains are a problem faced every day by people at home, as well as people operating in the commercial and public sectors. This is the point to call in the professionals for clogged drains in Perth.

Drain clearance companies often complain of enthusiastic DIYers attempting to clear their own blocked drains that end up causing more problems than they originally had by damaging the actual pipework. DIYers not only make the job harder for the drain clearance company but also increase the cost to the client.

There are two principle methods drain clearance professionals use to clear blocked drains. These are the terrifically exciting-sounding high-pressure water jetting and the more primitive sounding manual rodding. To a certain extent, both of these methods are as simple as their names suggest.

High-pressure water jetting involves using an extremely high powered hose to clear any debris and detritus blocking the drain. As it is so high powered, it can also clear anything stuck to the side of the drain that may cause a blockage later down the line, and many larger buildings and organization hire drain clearance specialists to use high pressure jetting pre-emptively in order to prevent blocked drains happening in the future.

Manual rodding is almost as primitive as it sounds. When there is not enough space to use high pressure jetting, or it's not appropriate, a rod is used to physically push and break the blockage. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, and this is the principal way that enthusiastic DIY drain unblockers end up damaging their pipes. The right tools have to be used, and you have to know your pipes well in order not to break them.