Some Important Tips When Constructing A Livestock Gate

The cattle gate is used to contain animals within the perimeter. This keeps your animals from escaping and attacking your neighbor's lawn or farm. However, depending on your cattle this gate can be big or small. You can also choose to build and install it yourself or hire a professional to install a cattle gate on the farm. 
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In addition, if you choose to build your own, here are some tips:

  • The size and material of your gates will depend on how you will use it. As mentioned, it should be bigger if you raise livestock such as cows and horses. If you're raising pigs, chickens, or dogs it can be smaller. Ideally, the material used for the fence should be the same material used for this gate.
  • Determine where the opening should be. An opening is where you will install the gate. This is also where you will install the posts.
  • If the big gate must be big enough and strong enough to support them. Moreover, it must be able to withstand some of the cattle pushing against the gate. Ideally, the post should be buried about 30 inches into the ground and five feet above the ground.
  • Do not forget to install the hook. This will keep the gate closed and keep your animals from escaping. The latch must be sturdy enough to withstand animals such as cows pushed against the gate. Furthermore, it should be installed in an area where you can easily reach it.
  • Do not wait for your cattle to escape, keeping them in place by installing a cattle gate this right.