Know The Importance Of Web Accessibility?

Multimedia on the web must be accessible to the range impaired so it is section 508 compliant. If you are publishing video or audio content on the web for government clients, you must add captions or transcripts. You can also know more about ADA Site Compliance online.

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Video has become a popular form of communication on the web and there is more scrutiny by government customers to make sure your multimedia content in section 508 compliant. The rule to follow to make videos section 508 compliant is to add captions. You can choose between making your videos open-captioned or closed captioned.

This decision depends on what your client wants. Open captions are captions that are instantly visible when a video plays. Closed captions are captions that must be turned on with the click of a button. If your video shows graphs or charts, your captions must descriptive text or at least sum up the meaning of those graphs and charts.

Audio is another form of communication on the web that must be section 508 compliant. If you work with audio, you must publish a corresponding transcript. The transcript should describe audio effects if there isn't a person speaking.

Now your content is accessible to the hearing impaired and is section 508 compliant. Any video producer or project manager that does work for the government must adhere to section 508 policies for multimedia on the web. If you follow these rules, you will be compliant and you will have a happy customer that will call you back for more work.