Laser Module: A Low Power Display Module

A strong laser pointer is dangerous and causes blindness, but a laser pointer with an inferior pointer is harmless. Low power laser pointer commonly used to highlight a location.

This type of 2d/3d subsurface laser engraving produces a narrow beam. This ray is not visible in a relatively clean atmosphere. It shows a point of light when it hits an opaque surface.

Laser Module: A Low Power Display Module

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Some powerful laser pointers project visible light by scattering dust particles or mist droplets along the beam path. Lasers with higher power and higher frequency can have visible light even in fresh air due to Rayleigh scattering by air molecules, especially when viewed in moderate to poor lighting conditions.

The recent laser modules of up to 1000 MW have resulted in the generation of dual-frequency "laser pointers" in green, blue, and purple colors with very high visible power.  

Because the IR in the beam from this laser is difficult to filter out and adds heat which is difficult to dissipate in the pocket laser pointer, it is often left as a radiance component in a less expensive high-performance "pointer".

The brightness of a point depends not only on the optical power of the laser and the chromatic response of the human eye but also on the surface reflectivity. With the same optical power, red lasers appear brighter than other colors, because the human eye is most sensitive at high levels in the red part of the spectrum.