Screen Printing on Personalized T-Shirts

A personal T-shirt is a unique and stylish way to communicate your key messages to the world. Learning about the process and then choose something to put on the chest or back.

Shirt personalization process can also be called screen printing. To add a graphic to a personalized T-shirt, artists use thick ink and colorful that sit on the surface of the fabric. This ensures that the colors are bright enough to catch the attention but still soft to the touch.

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Its Not a Job, Its Who You Are T-Shirt

To ensure the finished product is brilliant, it is important to start with high-resolution art. Basically, this involves an image created in a size large enough to transfer successfully. Optimally, the minimum resolution of 300 DPI must for pictures.

Many pictures have some color. When this happens, the professional must separate each color and print on special paper. This particular paper will allow light through it, which ensures a higher quality point and a line on the image is transferred.

The process of transferring the image on the paper to the screen is called "burning." Different professional make shirts will have different equipment. Basically, this combustion unit uses light to transfer the image onto a screen. The unit also uses specialty chemicals to complete the exposure process.