Plastic Crates Versus Wooden Crates

Plastic crates used for storage, transportation, distribution and handling of product. Previous crates used are now being replaced by HDPE and PP crates. This article will highlight some of the major plastic crates used in the industry.

There are different types based on how they are constructed:

Totally enclosed – It is open from the cap but is completely closed on all sides.

Closed with Handle – this is really closed from all sides but due to manual handling, there is the space needed to wrestle hand. If you are searching for custom timber supplies then you can navigate various online sources.

Based on the size and production methods (injection molded or roto molded) them, crates are broadly classified into the following categories –

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Jumbo Crates- This is a double-walled used to offer extra protection and withstand rigorous use. Made of food grade HDPE, is used for large storage applications, hence the name!

Giant Crates- giant is easy to maintain and are used for the transportation of fruits, flowers, vegetables and clothing. They can also be equipped with wheels because they have a capacity of over 163 liters!

Conductive Crates- conductive typically made from raw materials are mixed permanently disappear or prevent electricity costs. It is used in the electronics industry where there is a large scale handling of sensitive electronic material.

Roto Moulded Crates- It is manufactured on demand and be used for tough, heavy components. These are built to withstand rough handling on the shop floor. It can easily be stacked as well.

Crates listed above are broadly classified. Based on the needs of the buyer, they can be customized as well. For example, rigid bottles need to be packaged in such a way that the bottle crate according to the length and breadth of the crates! All in all, generalizations plastic crates are very difficult because they can be customized according to buyers' needs for easy printing.