Increase in the Use of the Rosary

The human need to build a relationship with God and creator, methods of meditation, revelation, and prayer have been practiced since the beginning of human existence. The fulfillment of this need gives peace, love, hope, and justification for human existence.

God has spoken through the prophets who have made use of the skills of intercession for centuries in many religions. Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the tools and practices for this purpose. You can find vintage rosary through

Catholic Rosary has developed historically becoming an eclectic medium for establishing a relationship with God. It is meditative, it educates and reveals, it focuses; provides intercession, community, peace, and comfort for the practitioner. This can be done individually or in community groups.

The rosary is a prayer bead. Many Catholics refer to all the prayer beads as Rosario. It is also referred to as the Dominican Rosary, Marian Rosary, and the Vita Christi Rosary. Currently, another meditation bead was very popular and prayer practiced by Catholics is "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy". This meditation shares some of the same elements as the Rosary.

Rosario's rise in popularity can be attributed to the Dominican order of the Catholic Faith. Saint Dominic de Guzman (1170-1221 AD), a Spanish established this order. Dominicans believed and still believe in the intellectual pursuit of faith and relationships.

The basic elements of the Rosary are always the same. Meditation prayers or mysteries and the decade (repetitive prayers) are the structure for the experience. Other prayer elements can be added but the basic structure, mysteries, and decade prayers are always present.

Rosary used to track how an individual/group is progressing in the prayer process so no need to count the repetitions. The hand moves from one bead to the next, keeping track of repetitions decade as progress Rosario.