Grey Water Helps Save Water And Money

Maintaining a home’s landscape when money and/or resources are tight can be difficult. Lawn watering the plants or you might not be on top of your priority list if you are experiencing financial or environmental drought.

However, it is not always desirable or possible to just let you die landscape (some homeowners association requires residents to keep their lawns maintained regardless of personal or environmental conditions). You can also get grey water systems to save water and money.

A great solution to keep costs make it easier is to use gray water for irrigation. Gray water is wastewater that you generate from your daily activities such as washing, washing dishes or bathing.

This is not drinking clean water, treated water that you can drink; but not the black water, which is contaminated waste generated by the toilet. Gray water can be captured and safely recycled for other purposes, such as washing the car or watering your plants.

According to the University of Arizona, 60 to 65 percent of household water use is typical for interior purposes could potentially be recycled as gray water can be used. Depending on the household, this could be enough to meet all the water needs of a household exterior.

However, it's a good idea not to use gray water exclusively for irrigation. The best method is to rotate the use of gray water – or mix – with freshwater, such as rainwater is collected.