Edible Wild Mushrooms – Morels, Puffballs, Chanterelles and Other Delicious Fungi

There are several varieties of easily distinguishable, mushrooms, with none more famous than morel– mushrooms, rather than fungus. While each has a different growing season and local differences, they all form a delicious wild food family are much sought after, such as French truffles.

You can browse to web to get mushrooms online. The most distinguished of the mushroom is puffball – a globe-shaped fungus that can grow to the size of a soccer ball, and has a pleasant taste of wood.

The next cousin morel is fluffy mane, morel mushroom-shaped with a ride-through scales and dusty brown color.

Chanterelles are another delicacy with a taste like morels. Although discovered in the summer. Imagine a trumpet with his mouth facing, and you will have a picture of beige to brown chanterelle mushrooms.

One of the most unusually shaped funguses was cock-of-the-woods, growth found at the bottom rotting tree that looks almost identical to chicken reddish tail feathers ruffled. This delightful mushroom can be found in the late spring and early summer.

Of course, one of the earliest mushroom oyster mushroom is often to be found even as the snow just starting to melt. Growing up in the dead trees, this beautiful white clusters offer early taste of mushroom harvest to follow.

Mushrooms and other edible fungi, including mushroom shelves, often found growing on rotting tree in the forest shade.

In addition to them, you will find a variety of mushrooms, which are largely non-toxic, but not equal to as spring wild morel harvest treat.