Dental Crown: When Do You Need Them

A dental crown is a customized tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the tooth for cosmetic enhancements or to protect the teeth. The main aim of a dental crown is to help in the restoration of the tooth's strength, size, and shape. Continue reading to get more information on dental crowns and its types.

When I would need a Dental Crown?

There are various situations when a dental crown would be necessary. The following may be several reasons:

  • To restore tooth structure that is damaged or worn down teeth
  • To fill cavities in teeth rot
  • Placed on top of the dental implant
  • To improve the appearance in cosmetic modifications
  • To cover the discoloured or misshaped teeth

Types of crown

Type of crown that can be made from all metal, stainless steel, all resin, porcelain fusion – to-metal or all-ceramic. The best choice for your tooth will depend on your choice in addition to the advice of your dentist.

Steps to prepare your teeth for crowns are majorly two. The first will involve the examination of dental X-ray to check if the whole procedure will affect tooth roots or surrounding areas. I

f the procedure does not have any effect, the dentist will use a dental anaesthetic to numb the tooth before reshaping the teeth to accommodate the crowns. The final step is to cement the permanent crown that is made in the dental laboratory for certain teeth.