Who Wants These Old Antique Books?

Someone not familiar with the industry may wonder why anyone would be interested in antique books. After all, a lot of times the information contained in them is so outdated that it’s downright inaccurate!

Science books are almost comical with their rudimentary knowledge of the universe, medical books are surprisingly inaccurate about the workings of the human body and cause of many illnesses, and of course, history books seem almost like fairy tales when held up against today’s modern world.

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But for many, antique books are something to be treasured and they are actually quite valuable to a lot of collectors. Especially bibles and other holy books, and writings of very famous people throughout history; all of these can fetch quite a sum at auction.

Some of the reasons that antique books are so coveted by collectors include the fact that they are so inaccurate when held up against today’s modern textbooks.

When we understand how inaccurate medical books were from decades ago, we realize how much work doctors and scientists have done to get to where we are today – and how much more work there is to be done.

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Some appreciate that antique books are seen as almost elementary because this really paints a picture of the progress that people have made when it comes to science or medicine.

But for others, it may be the timelessness of antique books that appeal to them. When you read the writings of ancient poets and philosophers you realize that people really haven’t changed much down through history.

Where do you think history comes from, of course, it’s antique books. In antique books, we can find the laws of the past and the development of human freedoms and rights.

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You can read about both the accomplishments and sufferings of people in earlier times. This is our history. It all comes from antique books. Little bits and pieces can emerge from the writings of individuals and groups these bits and pieces make very valuable antique treasures.

On top of all of this antique books are connected to real people who lived hundreds of years ago. Reading one can be like getting into a time machine and going back into the past.

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Knowing that a book is hundreds of years old, allows us to wonder about the person who wrote it, the people who’ve owned it, the meaning they got from it. Who touched it, who read it, what did it mean to them? Knowing the books people read is probably the best connection you’ll ever have with them.

So where you find customers for antique books? They are all around us. It does take someone who’s interested in history and connecting with past. People who want to transport themselves back to the times of the writer and feel their feelings.

These people are fanatical about their books. Most auctions have separate showings for antique books because the buyers are different from those who buy antique toys and furniture. Once you get into this group you’ll find that it is a vast network that will spread the word about newly found, antique books.

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Most libraries are looking for historical books so they are always buyers. There are some libraries that specialize in historical and antique books. University libraries and large legal libraries are always looking for antique books and texts that illustrate how civilizations and laws have developed.

Religious organizations and many individuals are always looking for ancient Bibles and religious texts. Just look at some of the shows on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic and it’s easy to see how the search for ancient knowledge is ongoing and new discoveries are being made all the time.